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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Iguana take your picture....

Today I went to Rainbow Beach to get some iguana shots. The weather was looking pretty glum and had been raining off and on all day (what's new?) So, I prayed that Heavenly Father would  let me get a couple decent iguana pictures. I tell you what, be careful what you pray for, because sometimes you get it! ha ha ha ha ha!

We really hit the jackpot today. I have NEVER seen so many iguanas hanging around at Rainbow.  It was kind of surprising, but I don't believe in coincidence.

Another surprising thing was that the iguanas kept coming up to me. I wasn't the one dispensing the free food, but they didn't seem to care. It kind of freaked me out a few times because most iguanas usually just duck and run if I get within 8 feet. I was the one jumping up and running this time! I know they aren't really agressive, but seeing Robert get bit once was enough to give me a healthy dose of respect (and fear ) of the scaley dudes.

Okay I seriously can't get over how funny some of these pictures are.  I've read that shooting  heavy is somewhat of a handipcap, but hey, that's one way to catch silly shots like these!:

I had this underlying feeling that the iguanas knew it was Picture Day, and like most children, they didn't feel like behaving. So much for propriety! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

And check out the tongue on Leroy! (Leroy is the biggest iguana, and he is also the most friendly. He even let Robert pick him up a few times today)        

 Silly Leroy.  He makes a great ambassador for the reptilian kind.


Thanks for stopping by for today's episode of Wild Kingdom! I hope you found it entertaining if nothing else! ha ha ha ha!

p.s.Leroy wanted me to tell you that he hopes you'll come see him, and bring some tasty plumeria!

All pics shot with 50mm lens. (of course)

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